Learning ballet, is interest the best teacher for children?

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Learning ballet,

 is interest the best teacher for children?
No, just stick to it.


If you have perseverance
Interest can be established
Without perseverance
Even if the child starts to be interested
I will lose interest when I meet with difficulties


The study of any art takes time to hone ...

Children learn the general rule of art:

Step 1: Interested
( 1, curiosity 2, freshness )
Step 2: Not interested
( 1. Tired 2. No time to play 3. No one else learns well )
Step 3: Stick to it
( 1, forced to learn 2, good grades )
Step 4: Interested
( 1, learn well 2, have ideals in your heart )


Summary law
Interest - no interest - forced to learn - interest - true love
Most parents give up on the second step
The reason is quite good
The child is no longer interested
Behind any bright and shining is the result of hard work



Sun Li said
I dance from primary school
Fortunately, a mother forced me
Otherwise, they have already given up
Our ballet teachers often said helplessly:
Four - year - olds studying ballet are everywhere
But at the age of 8 and 10
There are not many that can hold out
Children who are still studying at the age of 15
It is even more rare





As we all know, ballet is by no means learned in a day, not a " quick finished product" that can be seen in a few months of practice.
Learning ballet is really a persistent thing. Not all children can persist in learning it. It is normal to learn a lesson that they do not want to learn.
Today's parents let their children learn ballet, and most of them do not want their children to become famous and start a family and become famous all over the world.
So when the children don't want to continue, the parents will say, " Well, don't learn if you don't want to, anyway,

 our children don't want to be ballet dancers in the future. " So the child will follow the parents' words and give up halfway.





After all, children are small and will lose interest in ballet for various reasons, especially ballet, but as parents, we are not enough to support them, and the child will only have less and less courage to keep learning.
When the children and their parents grew up enjoying the graceful ballet, the children asked, " why didn't I learn ballet when I was a child? " Parents replied:" I let you learn, but you are too tired to stick to it. "
Child: " but I was still young and didn't understand anything? Why don't you let me keep jumping?
Mom blames you, or I can dance so well, and I still have such good temperament and such a good figure. "


Children's psychological characteristics are " coming fast and going fast"
Their interests tend to shift
Especially interested in playing
If it wasn't for fun
Soon tired of it


At this time, parents should take it seriously
Parents don't care
Children do not learn well
Other parents think ballet is a recreational activity
Cultivate elegant taste
It's a pastime when you're idle
Parents with such ideas
Nor will they insist on urging their children to learn ballet


What if children are not interested in writing homework?
Parents must not say " Don't write if you don't want to."
Everyone will try their best to get their children to finish their homework
But also the quality of the finished product is better
In these respects
There are many ways for parents
Take the same approach to children's ballet study
There will be no problem

——To parents of ballet students