Exactly right. Cowboys are busy!

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Two dances that many dancers like very much
That is
Cha Cha and cowboys
" Exactly right. Cowboys are busy."


First of all
They are like twin brothers
All have the same boiling blood
As bold and unrestrained and energetic
If people really use metaphor
Just a little sedate old heavy some
Cowboys are more lovely and capricious


Let's talk about Chacha first
It is the most representative dance in Latin America
Every time the music of Chacha rings
The eyes of the audience can not be separated from the dancers
The unique charm and appeal
I can't believe I'm so smart and handsome
The cha - cha dance in action is also handsome and explosive
Each rhythm has a different personality
Action is very powerful
The dancer's body energy is from concentration to release
It fully shows the essence of Latin dance

The music of Chacha is also easy to hear
Qufeng is very cheerful and interesting
The close coordination of dance steps and arms
Make the dance look like
be crisp
Just the melody note
Usually short or skip
Emphasize the burst of leg strength
Each movement is in the whole dance
All of them play a very important role


Let's talk about cowboys again
Cowboy dance style is cute and cute
So let the broad
Dancers also like cowboy dance
Jumping a cowboy makes people feel high
It is in line with modern fashion
The cowboy dance can also be called Jie dance
Originally a cowboy from the western United States
A tap dance
Prevailing in the 1920s and 1930s


especially the waist and crotch
To do a pendulum swing
Very humorous and witty
The rhythm is four quarters of a beat
42 to 44 bars per minute
belonging to a fast rhythm
A physical dance
In western countries
Many professional players pay more attention to it
The height and speed of bouncing
This is what we should learn
Cowboys are full of interest
Fashion dance suitable for men, women and children

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