How do jazz pop lovers get started?

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Most jazz dances, rapid and dynamic rhythmic dance, is a kind of external dance. Because its movements can be cheerful, can be emotional, music is also very rich, deeply loved by young people.


But many jazz dance lovers, no basic skills, do not know how to get started, contact this kind of dance. Today, I'll tell you a little bit in detail.

Small white learns jazz dance, should start from which several steps!

First, practice the basics of jazz dancing

Any basic dance skills are very important, jazz dance is no exception.

 The basic practice of jazz dance is to disassemble each part of the body so that every part and joint can be used flexibly in dance movements. 

The basic skills of head, neck, shoulder, chest, waist, hip wave are extremely important. Jazz dance, pop dance enthusiast, can start from here.

How to practice basic skills:

Tiantian Tutor out of a period of "basic article | Jazz Dance 7 Major parts of the basic Skills enhancement exercise", 

is the Jazz dance 7 parts of the basic skills to explain, we just started to learn jazz dance completely can start from this.

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Second, strengthen the basic skills in the finished dance.

Jazz dance teaching, is a combination of basic skills and some skills, to the music beat, consistent interpretation.

 A good jazz dancer can show his basic skills very well, combined with musical beat, skill, control, etc. So the second step is to perform a simple jazz dance.

For example, the dance we are going to learn today can consolidate basic skills and practice dance coherence

jazziness《Cheap Thrills》

jazziness《Cheap Thrills》Decomposition first set